Yerbala Foods is a Canadian owned company, incorporated on a federal level in September, 2000. The company’s incorporation was then followed by more than three years of research in the segment of specialty coffee.

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According to our mission statement, we are dedicated to the well-being and satisfaction of our customers, by implementing scientifically proven business models and innovative consumer products. Our products are based on proprietary owned formulas and sold under the “ActiStimma” and “MultiStimma” trademarks.

We take pride in years of specific expertise in formulation and manufacturing of clinically proven and highly nutritious whole food supplements

Listen to what the experts say about our coffee:

“Women on their way to work stopped and came back for a second then a third cup... ” add it to our!”

“This is the best new coffee product I’ve tasted during my 30 years in the industry.”

“This product has the potential to be the biggest thing since Italian Espresso”

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